D.C. Principal Says He Was Swarmed by School Children on Red Line

Quinn Meyers:

Michael Thomasian, the principal of St. Anthony’s Catholic School in Brookland, was on his way to a dinner in Georgetown last night when his trip on Metro was brutally interrupted by a group of school children.

Thomasian got on a Red Line train at the Brookland station around 4:40 p.m. yesterday to ride to Friendship Heights where a ride was waiting for him. At NoMa-Gallaudet, Thomasian says that a group of kids, all wearing khaki-colored pants, got on the train and surrounded him, yelling loudly while taking videos and pictures with their phones.

“They pulled the hat off my head and threw it,” he said. “I just kind of laughed it off, but I looked around the train to see who would help me if anything goes down.”

Thomasian said that at Union Station, the kids began throwing snow and hit another rider in the face. “No one hit me, but they were totally in my space, sitting on top of the seats, three inches from my face,” he says.

According to a WMATA spokesperson, the people in question were “believed to have boarded a Red Line train that was intercepted by MTPD at Gallery Place. Six individuals were stopped, identified, and checked for warrants. All were released pending follow-up investigation.”