The Computer Revolution Has Yet to Happen


A combination of this “carry anywhere” device and a global information utility such as the ARPA network or two-way cable TV, will bring the libraries and schools (not to mention stores and billboards) of the world to the home. One can imagine one of the first programs an owner will write is a filter to eliminate advertising!

Alan Kay quietly helped invent the future through sound reasoning, a strong philosophy, and unabashed dreaming. He worked as a top researcher at institutions such as Xerox PARC, Atari, Apple, Disney, HP, and Kyoto University, resulting in contributions that range from object-oriented programming to child learning tools, where he continues his research today.

The fallout from Apple’s decision to allow ad blocking software on their iOS devices made me think back to Kay’s 1972 spot-on description of the world to come. When describing these “carry anywhere” devices, he