The question that education can’t afford to ignore.

John Fallon:

The OECD has just released their annual ‘Education At A Glance’ report. At over 800 pages, there’s quite a lot to it. But you don’t need to read too far in to get to one of its key points: “Efforts to achieve universal access to education must go hand-in-hand with a renewed focus on education quality…”. In other words, access with progress.

At Pearson, we have put a huge focus on measuring how what we do helps to improve learning outcomes. It’s something we started talking about over two years ago, and though it’s a commitment that’s seen our company totally transformed, the basic principle remains unchanged – everyone in education should seek to measure the effect of their impact. The consequences are too important not to do so.

Here’s how I made the case back in June 2014 at the Harvard University Global Education Conference.