Pittsburgh hopes to attract more diverse group of applicants for top teaching jobs

Eleanor Chote:

As one of the ways to recruit current city teachers to the positions, the district today will host information sessions at board headquarters focused on “teachers of color,” although the session is open to all.

“This would be aligned with what we do when trying to build strong and diverse application pools,” said Jody Spolar, chief human resources officer. “If you want to advance the goal of diversity in your workplace … you have to be deliberate about making sure you have a strong applicant pool.”

Currently, 15 percent of the teaching staff are minorities while 11 percent of the career-ladder teachers are minorities. Sixty-six percent of students are minorities.

A notice about today’s session that went out to all teachers stated: “The district strives to ensure that teacher leaders are racially representative of our student population and aims to staff a strong and racially diverse cohort of Career Ladder educators for 2015-16.”