The Story of an engineering student


Today, I want to share my story, not a big deal but I felt like I should write about it.

When I was 14, I took OKS exam, high school entrance exam in Turkey of 2007, and I was able to go and register to any high school I want. During those days, I went to Ankara from Istanbul with my family to see graduation ceremony of one of my cousins at Middle East Technical University. My cousin took us around and made me meet his friends graduated from top high schools of Turkey. After having met a few friends, he introduced me to the top student of the department. By the way, my cousin is a graduate of computer engineering department. After having introduced, I asked him, “Where did you go to high school?”, and he answered, “Bursa High School of Science”. At that moment, believe me, it was the sentence passing through me: “Alright Oguzhan, here goes your life; first, you are going to study in Bursa High School of Science, then you are going to come here to study computer engineering.”. I never mentioned but, CS was my thing since 1998, the time when my father brought a computer to home. I simply fell in love with that box and wanted to be of those creating that technology, one day.

And I accomplished what I told myself that day. It was hard years for me, especially leaving home at 14 years old, moving to another city with 10$ in my box and no close friend or relative etc. but I had a strong purpose. It was the thing that kept me alive there.