Madison’s Mendota, Falk elementary schools have highest rate of elementary student transfers

Molly Beck

Mendota and Falk elementary schools have the highest rates of students transferring to other schools, according to a Madison School District report released Monday, while Lindbergh and Glendale elementary schools saw the highest rate of students transferring in.

About 34.4 percent of Mendota’s students, or 137, transferred to a school outside of that attendance area this school year — a designation the school has received in previous years. About 76 percent of the school’s students are economically disadvantaged, under federal guidelines.

About 30.8 percent of Falk students, or 104, transferred out, and it has a similar poverty rate. At Mendota 31 students transferred in, while 34 transferred to Falk.

Elementary schools that had the highest rates of students transferring in were Lindbergh and Glendale — both of which have poverty rates that match Mendota and Falk. About 32.6 percent of students at Lindbergh, or 71 , and 24.1 percent, or 105, of Glendale’s students transferred in this school year.

Nearly 30 percent of the students at the Nuestro Mundo dual-language immersion charter school transferred in.

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