National Writing Board report on the First Paper from China

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I. Reading (Sources)
Score: (1-6) Reader One 6 Reader Two 5
Reader One:
Yours is a mature and demanding subject. Your work is both convincing and authoritative, and your research is first class. From Jean Bethke Elshtain onward you cover all the bases in the field of ethics. Your use of primary source material is outstanding. There are flashes of genuine distinction in all you do. Congratulations.
Reader Two:
This paper is based on the author’s reading of an impressive number and quality of sources, 63 (!) of them altogether. ey include writings by Augustine, Aquinas, Grotius, and Kant, articles in scholarly journals, and monographs on the subject, such as Michael Doyle’s examination of Kant’s “democratic peace thesis” and, especially, Jean Bethke Elshtain’s scholarship. e bibliography is not in alphabetical order, as it should be.