Madison Schools’ Mental Health Task Force Recommendations

Nancy Yoder (PDF):

The Mental Health Task Force completed its work in May 2013, culminating in the development of a comprehensive vision and strategic roadmap entitled, The Plan for a School and Community Integrated Model for Children’s Mental Health in Madison. This plan embodies the collective vision and tireless work of hundred of individuals representing families, children and youth, policymakers, advocates and key systems including mental health, education, health, child welfare, violence prevention and juvenile justice. These groups recognize and support the need to prioritize the social emotional well-being of our children and ensure that all students have access to the mental health services they need to support the achievement of their full potential as healthy and contributing community members. This Plan is presented to the Board with the resounding support of the Task Force and offered as a springboard for moving forward the recommendations that have been created with a high level of collective energy, engagement and commitment.