What Does Your MTI Contract Do for You? Rights to & following Contract Reduction

Solidarity newsletter, via a kind Jeannie Bettner email (65K PDF):

Reducing one’s teaching contract by any percentage used to be a major risk. In doing so, one not only was at peril to remain part-time for the rest of their career, but their contract percentage could be varied year-to-year by the District, and worse yet, the District could unilaterally decide not to continue the contract. This is because part-time contracts are not covered by the “continuing contract law” by which teachers’ contracts are renewed annually.
Because of the demands by MTI members, the Union negotiated the right of one to temporarily reduce their contract and return to full-time the following year. This enables one to spend time with a child, an aging parent, or for any reason the teacher desires. Additionally, MTI negotiated that those employed under part-time contracts in Madison are issued individual contracts annually.
Requests to reduce one’s contract for a one-year period, with the right to return to full-time the following year, must be made in writing to the District’s office of Human Resources on or before March 1 for the 2013-14 school year.
Reducing one’s contract without using Section IV-W of MTI’s Contract has major negative implications. Members considering this are urged to contact MTI Headquarters (257-0491).
These steps seem like steps every employer should have to follow. They are not, but MMSD must follow them because of MTI’s Contracts. Governor Walker’s Act 10 destroys these protections. MTI is working to preserve them.