State of the Union 2013: Obama College Education Plan Needs More

Michael Lomax:

(Special to The Root) — President Barack Obama was exactly right in his State of the Union speech to mention the need for college graduates as part of his prescription for more American jobs. While there are more job seekers than jobs in our struggling economy, many employers are hiring but are having a hard time finding the college graduates they need to fill today’s high-technology — and high-paying — jobs.
The trouble is, he didn’t give the need for college graduates much more than a mention. “Most young people,” he said, “will need some higher education.” Most young people? Some higher education?
He acknowledged that “skyrocketing costs price way too many young people out of a higher education or saddle them with unsustainable debt.” But he proposed no new aid, just conditioning federal aid to colleges on their affordability and introducing a college scorecard to help parents and students get value for their education dollars.