Little Johnny wants a job (work optional)

Tyler Brule::

So far I’ve received a couple of these letters (from acquaintances and close associates) and had to restrain myself from firing back a frank response. While it’s generally recognised in the global workplace that there’s a serious issue with Generation Y and their neediness, lack of general knowledge (I’ll just Google that … ) and understanding of authority, it’s hard to write off a whole generation when their parents (and teachers) are largely responsible for creating such a culture of entitlement.
It’s increasingly rare that people applying for internships in my field (publishing and branding) have spent time stocking shelves, scooping ice cream, waiting tables or scrubbing floors. Sometimes I wonder if part-time jobs are left off CVs because they might say too much about a potential candidate, or whether many simply can’t be bothered to hold down a job between terms. Sadly, I suspect it’s more of the latter.