Don’t just get rid of West Point as a 4-year college, get rid of ROTC, too

Best Defense guest provocateur, via Thomas Ricks:

Three years ago, Tom proposed shuttering West Point as an expensive anachronism. At the time I thought he was barking up the wrong tree, but after reflection upon my own career as an army officer, I think he is on to something. It is not just West Point that should be done away with, it is also ROTC that should go.
Before anyone get’s their panties all knotted and wadded up, let me be up front: I am a product of ROTC, and I attended one of the “senior military colleges” — the Virginia Military Institute. What I am proposing will have an impact on my alma mater, as well as the other “senior military colleges.”
I think that America’s fiscal resources could be better utilized in the following manner: