Protesters Derail Chicago School Board Meeting

Rebecca Vevea:

A Chicago Board of Education meeting came to a sudden halt Wednesday when a raucous group of protesters from the Chicago Teachers Union, Occupy Chicago and other organizations erupted into a chorus of chants denouncing board members.
It was the first board meeting since Chicago Public Schools announced a series of closings, consolidations and turnarounds that could affect 21 schools on the city’s South and West sides. While none of those actions were being voted on, the agenda included the approval of 12 new charter schools.
The protesters drowned out the voice of CPS chief executive Jean-Claude Brizard, who had just begun a presentation to board members. “You have failed…You have produced chaos…You should be fired” they chanted.
When they paused, board president David Vitale said he hoped they had “gotten it out of their system,” which set off another round of shouting.