Wisconsin DPI survey still looks partisan

Rick Esenberg:

Last week, I posted a quick and dirty reading of the DPI/WASD survey on the impact of the biennial budget on school districts. I thought that the survey needs a more thorough vetting but that it seemed to be a polemical document and did not support the claims of disaster that some are making in response to it.
Jay Bullock tries to defend the survey but I am afraid that he totally misses the mark. I have no reason to doubt that a number of districts had some kind of staff reduction. Most did not but it appears that somewhere in the neighborhood of 42% of the surveyed districts did.
But the doesn’t tell us much. How deep were the reductions? How do they relate to changes in enrollment? What impact, if any, do they have on the delivery of services. Jay thinks that any reduction in staffing is a catastrophe, writing “[s]o, yes, a lot of districts were able to stave off disaster in this area but, you know, a full third didn’t. ” (emphasis in original)

The Florida Department of Education has taken a strong position on higher academic standards and comparing their students to the world. I’ve seen nothing from Wisconsin’s DPI regarding substantive curricular improvements.