Who is Fibbing in Colorado Education Case?

Vincent Carroll

So which is it? Are most Colorado schools doing a good job, as officials regularly assure parents and the public, or are they failing miserably, as some of the same officials will be telling a state court over the next few weeks in a case known as Lobato vs. the State of Colorado?
Both types of assertions can’t be true. And if some aren’t, they amount to — let’s not sugarcoat it — deliberate fibs.
Consider Center School District Superintendent George Welsh as a case in point. According to the website Education News Colorado, Welsh was asked Monday in court to reconcile an awkward contradiction. On the one hand, he’d testified at length on the district’s failures. Yet he’d also sent a letter to parents in 2007 “citing the good education his own children had received.”
“Is that a statement you stand by today?” an assistant attorney general asked Welsh.
“You’ve got to put a positive spin on things to make your community feel comfortable,” Welsh said, but then, reports Education News, answered ” ‘no’ when asked again if he stood by the 2007 praise of the district’s quality.”