Wisconsin Education Association Trust defends its actions as insurer

Karen Herzog and Erin Richards:

A health insurance company affiliated with the state’s largest teachers union is caught in the cross-fire of Wisconsin school reform politics, the company’s CEO told the Journal Sentinel editorial board Monday.
“We haven’t really wanted to be the story,” said Mark Moody, president and CEO of WEA Trust. “We’ve become the lightning rod for debate.”
Moody said WEA Trust has lost about 17% of its subscribers as a number of school districts have switched insurance providers in the wake of deep state budget cuts. WEA Trust at the start of the year insured two-thirds of Wisconsin’s 424 school districts, but only 35% of the state’s teachers, since many of the insured districts are small, he said.
One renewal sweetener WEA Trust offered to districts – which the provider said was done in accordance with federal rules – may prompt legal action.