Seattle Schools’ Strategic Plan Update

Melissa Westbrook:

Here is the presentation from today’s Work Session on the Strategic Plan with survey results.


  • 5905 responses – 64% family member, 26% teacher or school staff, 1% principals, 5% community, 4% Central Office
  • By zip code – looks like a somewhat even distribution with  NE – 98115 with 528 responses, SE – 98118 with 221 responses, SW – 98136 with 118 responses, West Seattle – 98116 with 182 responses and NW – 98117 with 433 responses.  (There were more zip codes than those.)
  • page 8 has a breakdown of coaches and costs – overall it costs $6.4M for 65.6 coaches  (the salary swings are interesting)
  • Professional development in math, science and reading helping teachers and students – the big answer was …. no opinion.  And, out of the nearly 6,000 responses, only 3443 people answered this question.  Effective/somewhat effective (families-27%/teachers-51%). Ineffective/somewhat ineffective (families-22%/teachers-28%)
  • MAP test results effectiveness.  Effective/Somewhat Effective (families-41%/teachers-33%).  Somewhat effective/ineffective (families-45%/teachers50%).   Out of 6k responses, only 3682 respondents answered.
  • MAP- how many times a year should it be used?  3x- families-30%, teachers-23%, principals-40%.  Hmm, looks like principals like it more than teachers.   2x -families-29%,teachers-30%, principals, 40%.  That’s a lot closer.  And hey, they ARE reducing MAP to two times a year for 2011-2013 (winter and spring)
  • NSAP.   More efficient/somewhat more – families-42%/teachers 23%/principals 55%.   Somewhat less/less efficient – families-27%/teachers-29%/principals-31%. 

Download the Seattle Strategic Plan update, here.