Watson Goes From Jeopardy to Medical School

T Goodman:

IBM’s Watson getting ready for his medical boards
‘Watson,’ the IBM super computer system that defeated the best Jeopardy! players on TV, now wants to go to medical school and beat the algorithms off the other medical computers already in the field.  When asked if being late to the market was a concern, the big guy said ‘Are you kidding? Once I digest 6 million medical text books and 70 million journal articles, I’ll kick every lit cell in their systems out to algorithm heaven!”
Though very confident, Watson still has two years of schooling before he’s ready to kick butt, but his fans are delighted with his prospects, especially those who are working with him.  Recently, Watson gave the Associated Press (AP) a demonstration at IBM’s T.J. Watson’s research center. Columbia University medical school professor, Dr. Herbert Chase, and several students were there training Watson.