Seattle Times Fights Back Against Citizen Journalist

Melissa Westbrook:

Below is an e-mail from David Boardman of the Times. (I had not written to him; he sent this on his own.)
My take on this issue of whether the Times held this story back – I think it’s possible. I say that because of the issues that Charlie has raised, namely, that embedded in the Times’ story of the internal auditor’s resignation were many possible questions about Silas Potter.
That they were trying to get their facts right is good and admirable but it certainly took them a longer time than I might of thought given their resources. I’m a just one person, a citizen journalist so it is harder for me to press people I call for information. (However, that doesn’t stop me from calling. Hey, I just left Fred Stephens a message to give me a ring. I won’t hold my breath but it never hurts to ask.)
Here is my take on the issue of a conspiracy at the Times to cover the district and in particular, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. Do I think the Times and the Alliance and Stand and the district all sat down in a room and said, “Here’s what each of needs to do to move forward what we believe is best for public education in Seattle.” No, I don’t think that ever happened. I don’t think even two of those groups got together in a room and said that.