A Fund-Raiser Grown Wild

Shirene Saad:

The word “fund-raiser” evokes an image of endless speeches, bland evening gowns and even blander buffets, but Edible Schoolyard’s yearly benefit should veer a little more toward the wild side. With three fabulous hostesses (the food artist Jennifer Rubell, the fashion buyer Julie Gilhart and the 303 gallerist Lisa Spellman) and a storied downtown locale (the Odeon), the event promises to be more Studio 54 than Cipriani Ballroom. “It’s the kind of fund-raiser that I would love to attend, a fund-raiser that is not boring” says Rubell, just back from the opening of her “Engagement” show at the Stephen Friedman gallery in London. “My favorite women in the city will be there, including Lynn Wagenknecht” — the restaurant’s owner — “who came up with the idea.”
The $50 cover charge goes toward supporting Edible Schoolyard, the Alice Waters-founded organization that creates small farms in public schoolyards to reconnect children with the food-growing cycle. “I think kids should be exposed to the aesthetics of food from a very young age,” Rubell says. “And growing food is so exciting.”