There is more than one way to teach a class

Sunny Schubert:

A young friend of mine – I’ll call him Zach because that is, indeed, his name – graduated from college last May and started his first teaching job in August: 7th-grade Spanish in a school with a fairly high population of low-income children.
Zach is a very good-looking young man, but I must emphasize the word “young” because he has, for lack of a better term, a baby face.
Well aware of the fact that he looks younger than some of his students, Zach decided last summer that every day, he would wear a dress shirt and tie to school.
This was a source of amusement for some of his students, who had apparently never seen a teacher wearing a tie before.
It was NOT amusing to his fellow teachers, however, some of whom apparently felt Zach was making them look bad.
One day, all the male teachers wore ties – loud ties, ugly ties, sloppy ties, with T-shirts and sweatshirts.