Pro-school choice organization launched

Georgia Pabst:

Hispanics for School Choice, an organization designed to expand school choice programs, launched Monday at a gathering at the United Community Center.
The group’s legislative agenda includes:

  • Removing the enrollment cap in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.
  • Expanding choice schools to allow students from Milwaukee to attend schools throughout Milwaukee County.
  • Allowing all parents to participate in choice by lifting income limits.
  • Expanding school choice to other cities.

“Despite differences in political philosophies, our community agrees that school choice is educationally effective in educating our children, and we’re serious about getting the best for our children,” said Zeus Rodriguez, president of the organization.
The school choice movement has backed an array of options outside the traditional public school system. Proponents argue that such programs expand options for parents and pressure public schools to operate more efficiently. Critics argue that the choice program drains resources from public schools, and that public funds shouldn’t flow to private, often religious schools.