2010 Saw A Children’s App Tsunami

Children’s Technology Review:

Call it the chicken/egg effect, but Apple’s iPad, which has now sold over 1 million and is listed as this years most desired gift by kids (aka the chicken) has resulted in a dramatic demand for children’s apps (aka the eggs). While this new iTunes-based $.99 per app publishing model has been a shock to publishers, it’s great news for a curious child stuck in the back seat on a long trip. This year saw the release of zinc roe’s Tickle Tap Apps (like Sound Shaker), and several new titles from Duck Duck Moose, like Park Math, with adjustable age levels. If you’re interested in ebooks, have a look at two of our favorites: Bartleby’s Book of Buttons and Nash Smasher! And any doubts about the validity of the iPad in the classroom have evaporated thanks to apps like Symmetry Shuffle, Cut the Rope and Motion Math. For dessert, save some room for Smule’s Magic Piano.