My healthy school lunch idea: turkey brats and low-fat cheese curds

Chris Rickert

Mom’s admonishment still rings true today, with only minor adjustment: “Starving children in North Korea would be happy to have that beef and bean burrito.”
Or, as it’s known in the Madison School District, the least popular lunch among students this past October and a poster child for the dilemma faced by lunch ladies across this land of plenty: How to get children to eat things that are good for their bodies, not just pleasing to their tongues.
The irony in trying to solve this problem — also known as a “blessing” in food-deprived parts of the world — is so old as to be left unmentioned. I mention it here only as a reminder that in our free-flowing-capital-and-consumer-products global economy, we still can’t manage to keep kids from starving to death.
In any case, my first reaction to the healthy choices conundrum was simple: Let them go hungry.