Congress for Kids

Cindy Koeppel, via email:

ntroducing the Congressional Timeline 1.0 — — from The Dirksen Congressional Center
Now at your fingertips . . .
Major laws-more than 200 examples-passed by Congress from 1933 to the present
The partisan composition of each Congress, along with the presidential administration and the congressional leaders
The session dates of each Congress
Measures of legislative productivity, such as the number of bills introduced and passed
Information about women and African-Americans serving in Congress
Examples of documents and audiovisual materials related to legislation
The ability to add information to the timeline by using the “wiki” feature
Here’s how it works.
Go to the CTL index page at
Select the 88th Congress from the drop-down menu on the right.
Click the “expand” button under 1963 to see general information about the 88th.
To experience the multimedia potential for the site, click the “collapse” button for 1963 and the “expand” button for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at July 2, 1964.
Check out the rotating cube! You will see additional content-documents, photos, even a video of the presidential signing ceremony.
If you would like to contribute to the timeline, use the wiki component-just click on “wiki” on the rotating cube.
We know this first version of the Congressional Timeline will have some bugs to work out.
If you have suggestions, please contact me at We’ll do our best to respond and improve the timeline.