Bribing parents to do their jobs is an outrage, right?

Jason Spencer:

I’ll confess my initial gut reaction to the news that HISD plans to offer parents cash to show up to parent-teacher conferences and help their children study was righteous indignation. What a shame, I thought, that we’ve been reduced to paying parents to be engaged in their children’s learning. I’d be insulted if someone were to greet my wife and me with a fistful of dollars when we show up at her pre-kindergarten open house tonight.
Obviously, many of our readers had the same reaction when we posted reporter Ericka Mellon’s story to just after 1 p.m.
It took a reader going by the name of R_Dub just five minutes to fire the first shot:
“What a (expletive) discrace (sic)! HISD giving away money for grades. This is not teaching students anything other than how to manipulate the system or take advantage of others. Good job you idiots.”
Similar comments have been streaming in at a clip of about one per minute.