Enough ABCs From iPhone / iPad App Developers

Daniel Donahoo:

Here at GeekDad we are fortunate to spend time reviewing and exploring the increasing number of applications design to entertain, educate and amuse our children. The sudden rise in accessible touch technology through smartphones and tablets combined with the business model provided through App Stores to developers has turned application development into a modern day equivalent of a gold rush. Everyone is out there, developing apps as quickly as possible – hoping to strike it rich with a well designed flatulence application – and consequently flooding the market with sub-standard applications that see them back up their tent and leave the electronic frontier as quickly as they came.
Consequently, there are a lot of apps for kids that are not well thought through, not developmentally appropriate, or simply way too generic! And, in my professional life and personal life having reviewed and played a lot of these games I think it is time to ask developers to start focusing on quality, rather than quantity.