Racine’s Mitchell Middle School

Dustin Block, via email:

Greetings from Racine! I’m writing because I need your help. A public school in Racine is in the running for $500,000 through a “Kohl’s Care” contest on Facebook. Kohls is giving away a half-million dollars to the 20 schools who collect the most votes by Sept. 4. Right now Mitchell Middle School in Racine is in 20th place and could really use your votes to move up the standings and secure the money.
Here’s the link: http://apps.facebook.com/KohlsCares/school/1017351/mitchell-middle?src=SchoolBitly
It’d really mean a lot to Racine and the Mitchell Middle-schoolers if you could take the five minutes to vote. Mitchell was built in 1937 and has only had one renovation in 73 years. Racine Unified doesn’t have much money for repairs, so this is a great way you can help out a poor school system in desperate need of money.
You really can make a difference! Just follow the link above and vote!
Thanks much!