Does Milwaukee need another art school?

Patti Wenzel:

There are numerous schools in Milwaukee where you can receive an art-centric education. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Marquette University, UWM, Mt. Mary College, and Milwaukee Area Technical College are some schools that offer creative degrees in the area.
So do we need another school offering degrees in fields like Advertising, Film making, Graphic Design, Culinary Arts, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Media Arts and Animation and Interactive Media?
“Yes, because this is a great market,” Art Institute of Milwaukee President Bill Johnson said. “We feel there is a need for more educational opportunities here. We will fill a different niche than MIAD; we’ll be complementary and provide a valuable education.”
AI-Milwaukee (one of 48 Art Institutes across the nation) will enroll its first students in October at a 35,000 sq. ft. campus on Buffalo Street in the Third Ward. It will offer baccalaureate degrees in the aforementioned disciplines, along with an associate degree in Graphic Design. Johnson said degrees are designed to attract students with an “art bent” and prepare them for entry-level jobs in their selected fields.