Melissa Westbrook:

Recess will be one of the topics on today’s The Conversation starting at noon. Call in if you have thoughts, 543-KUOW. Here’s their report on it. Interesting finding:
Another big difference between the schools is that at Thornton Creek, most of the students are white and middle-class. At Dunlap, nearly all of the students are black, Latino or Asian and from low-income families.
That corresponds to what KUOW found when we surveyed recess times across the Seattle school district. For instance, we looked at the 15 highest-poverty and lowest–poverty schools. Kids at the low-poverty schools average 16 minutes more recess than kids at the high-poverty schools. That amounts to about one whole recess more.
And amount of recess?
Dornfeld: “A lot of schools in the district give kids 45 minutes to an hour of recess every single day. Is that something that you see as realistic for this school?”