Time to judge teachers the way teachers judge kids

Ruben Navarrette:

Teachers unions need a hug. After all, they’re having a really bad year.
So bad that their members are lashing out – blasting Education Secretary Arne Duncan after he questioned the effectiveness of teachers colleges, criticizing President Barack Obama for his approach to education reform, etc.
In fact, teachers are getting so flustered that they’re contradicting themselves. It’s acceptable for teachers to distinguish good students from bad students. But it’s outrageous for administrators to do the same with teachers. In contract negotiations, teachers like being part of a collective. But when an underperforming Rhode Island school district fired more than 70 educators at once, teachers complained about being judged collectively. When a student succeeds, teachers claim credit for a job well-done. When a student fails, it’s the parents who catch the blame for falling down on the job.