Why Homeschool? The Highlights of Free Education

An Education Life:

Why homeschool? Maybe to brush up for an exam, get a sense of what a college is like, or just to learn. In the articles listed below, writers who know the fields weigh in on some of the highlights of free education.

  • Economics | Yale: My Teacher Is an Index
  • French | Carnegie Mellon: Voilà! A Better e-Course
  • Music | Connexions: The Music Lesson
  • History | M.I.T.: Asian Culture Through a Lens
  • Psychology | Yale: Why We Go Cuckoo for …
  • Psychology | Yale: Smiles, Sex and Object Permanence
  • Genetics | U.C.L.A.: Decoding DNA
  • Physics | U.C. Berkeley: Atoms and Antimatter
  • Physics | U.C. Irvine: The Marvel of Science
  • Linear Algebra | M.I.T.: The Matrix
  • Computer Science | Stanford: They Have a Class for That
  • Anatomy | U.C. Berkeley: The Inner Body

  • Every school should provide opportunities for their students to take advantage of online courses. They are a great complement to traditional teaching, and a way to reduce or eliminate local curriculum creation expenditures.