Sally Blount, Kellogg School of Management’s new dean, says being a middle child makes her perfect for the role

The Economist:

SALLY BLOUNT, unveiled today as the new dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, describes her appointment as a return to her intellectual home. The school was where, as a PhD student, she did much of her work in the fields of psychology and economics.
But other than a sense of going back to her roots, the main reason she was drawn to Kellogg, she says, is its reputation as a collaborative institution. “I am a middle child,” she explains. “So it’s in my DNA, this collaborative approach.”
Collaborative leadership is a model whose time appears to have come in business as well as business education. The days of the imperial CEO bestriding an organisation, browbeating the company with the force of his personality, became suddenly unfashionable at around the same time that sub-prime mortgages did. But, perhaps unusually for academia, which can be famous for its backbiting, teamwork has long been a characteristic of Kellogg.