The Decline in the Value of the British Pound Has Reduced the Cost of a Week at Oxford This Summer to $1,564

Arthur Frommer:

When the British Pound had a value of $2 and more (a couple of years ago), most American travelers — even those in love with everything British — found that they could no longer afford a week at Oxford University’s famous summer courses for foreign adults. Those weeks each cost at least $2,000 per person, plus the cost of trans-Atlantic airfare, and the overall tab was simply too steep to consider.
We’ve been reminded by the PR rep for Oxford in the United States that the sharp recent decline in the value of the Pound (it now sells for about $1.50) has sharply altered the cost of a week in Oxford. Such weeks, including tuition, accommodation and all meals (everything except private bathrooms and occasional countryside excursions), usually cost £1,050, and that amount currently converts to only $1,564. Where else, Oxford asks, can you get a choice of 50 fascinating courses, accommodations, three copious meals daily, and evening entertainment, for $1,564 — or little more than $200 a day?