Commentary on the Seattle School District Budget….. Deja Vu?

Melissa Westbrook:

Mr Kennedy said that next week they would announce the cuts from the Central Administration budget. He said they needed to be at $6M and are at $5.4 so far. Kay said that in Meg’s report that there had been growth in Central Administration and if we grew by $7M, shouldn’t we be cutting $12M? Kennedy said he would get to that later in the meeting (but I don’t remember it happening). There was some discussion again about how the coaches had been inproperly coded by OSPI standards.
Michael again said that the district needs to have transparency in these kinds of budget issues (coding and labeling and sorting) because of the confusion it causes. He said we can’t have internal accounting that differs from external accounting.
Kay asked about comparing our Central office numbers with other districts but the answer was that it was too difficult to do because of the differences. (That didn’t seem to stop the State Auditor two years ago – I’ll have to send that report to Kay.)
(According to the report, both Viewlands and Rainier View Elementaries will have ELL and Special Ed programs.)