Pilot program adds finance to school curriculum

Jonathan Tamari:

With New Jersey high schools already facing a new mandate to teach students financial literacy, at least six school districts will be able to participate in a pilot program that establishes a class on the topic for seniors.
The state Department of Education in June added economics and financial literacy instruction to the state’s high school graduation requirements.
At the same time, a bill working its way through the Legislature aimed to create a financial literacy pilot program, establishing a course on the subject in six districts. Those schools would receive advice and support from the state in establishing those classes.
Gov. Corzine signed the pilot-program bill on Nov. 20. The program, which will set up courses for high school seniors, will cover topics such as budgeting, savings and investment, and credit-card debt.
“So many young New Jerseyans find out all too late that living in a credit-card culture carries a price,” said Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney (D., Gloucester), one of the law’s sponsors.

I would hope that essential financial calculations would be covered in Math class.