Devon Mallard, 11, needs special education, but Chicago Public Schools isn’t complying with a court order to help

Rex Huppke:

In March, an independent hearing officer made official what Shnette Tyler already knew: Her 11-year-old son, who has severe learning and behavioral disabilities, had not been receiving a proper education from Chicago Public Schools.
Detailing how the school system had repeatedly failed Devon Mallard, the hearing officer wrote: “Despite a history of disability as well as documented behavioral difficulties, it took two years of decreasing reading scores, increasingly aggressive behaviors, and the filing of a due process complaint for the district to take notice of this student and focus on his specific needs for special education services.”
Within 45 days, the school district was ordered to set up a proper education plan for Devon — who attends Ray Elementary School in Hyde Park — and provide him with an array of weekly services including psychological counseling, occupational therapy and a reading tutor.