Madison ACT scores beat state, national average but fall slightly

Gayle Worland:

Even as Madison’s most recent high school seniors continued to outperform their state and national peers on the ACT test, districtwide scores among the class of 2009 edged slightly downward from past years, according to test results released Wednesday.
Sixty-nine percent of Madison’s 12th-graders last year took the ACT college admissions test, receiving an average composite score of 24.0 out of a possible 36. The composite score for Wisconsin was 22.3, unchanged from the past two years. Nationally, the average composite score was 21.1.
The largest gain among ethnic groups in Madison was among Asian-Americans, whose average composite score rose from 22.3 to 23.4 this year. Black students’ scores declined, from 19.2 to 18.4. Hispanic students’ scores also dropped, from 21.7 to 21.4, and white students’ scores fell, from 25.4 to 25.0, the district reported.
Over the past 15 years, ACT scores in the district have ranged from 23.5 in 1994-95 to 24.6 in 2006-07.
Thirty percent of Wisconsin test-takers met all four ACT benchmark scores, compared with 23 percent nationally.

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