Computer Orchestration Tips and Tricks

Stephen Bennett:

his book is aimed at those with little or not understanding of music notation. It gives the reader a basic understanding or the principles of orchestration and offers tips and techniques to help get the best simulated orchestral performance out of their equipment.

  • Create realistic sounding orchestras on your computer
  • Little or no musical notation knowledge needed
  • Create scores for real players to read
  • Tips and tricks to get the best out of your software
  • All you need to orchestrate on computer

Using modern technology, composers no longer need to wait until an orchestra plays their score to hear what their music will actually sound like. Using a computer and suitable software, it’s possible for anyone to produce high-quality results that can be used for music CDs, film and TV scores – or even as a basis of a recording session using orchestral players.

I reading saw an early 20’s student reading a book on Logic Pro. I asked about his plans and he responsded that he intended to make “some great music”.