Science the theme for all-school event at Wingra

Pamela Cotant:

Kindergartner Sylvia Bazsali and eighth-grader Ally Marckesano stood side-by-side as they learned about the formation of earthquakes and mountains by experimenting with frosting, graham crackers and fruit roll-ups.
Marckesano helped Bazsali with the lesson, which ended with a taste test — the evidence still on Bazsali’s lips.
“We’ve been kind of buddy-buddies lately,” said Marckesano, who has four younger siblings.
The activity was part of Wingra School’s annual all-school unit when students in kindergarten through eighth grade learn together. The two-week event had a science theme under a camp-like structure this year.
“It energizes the school in a way that’s incredible,” said Mary Campbell, director of education at the private school at 3200 Monroe St.