Students Show a Growing Appreciation for Classical Music

Lindsay Christians:

Zou Zou Robidoux loves classical music and is not ashamed to talk about it.
“I’m a geek about it,” said the 16-year-old Robidoux, who began playing in fourth grade. “It’s 90 percent of the music I listen to.”
As for the cello, she added, “I can’t even describe how much I love it and how much it fits me.”
Robidoux may seem like an anomaly among teens, most of whom are more interested in listening to Lil Wayne or Panic! at the Disco. But in Madison, that’s not exactly true.
Robidoux is one of hundreds of local young people with a growing interest in classical music. And while the majority of the Overture Center’s audiences for symphony, chamber orchestra and opera may be over 50, that’s not an indication that classical music is dying. Interest in the classics is part of a national trend that runs counter to conventional wisdom.