Future of education is online, Web-school pioneer says

The Arizona Republic:

Damian Creamer, founder of Primavera Online High School, was the guest last week on Live Talk Wednesday, talking about secondary education via the computer.
Creamer formerly was an enrollment counselor at the University of Phoenix.
“Their (online) program was in its infancy and it was a unique opportunity to be involved with such a dynamic organization as they pioneered online education at the post-secondary level,” he said.
Afterward, he helped a small charter school in the West Valley found two additional charter schools.
Creamer opened Primavera Technical Learning Center (the predecessor to Primavera Online High School) in 2001.
” In its first year, Primavera had a few hundred students. Last year, I believe that we carried an average daily membership of 2,700 students,” Creamer said.
Last year, Primavera graduated 469 students, according to Creamer.
Info: www.primaveratech.org.