Attention all faculty and staff: The principal is out of the building. Again.

Ray Cox:

I thoroughly enjoy working for my principal. He’s a great guy, has a no-nonsense approach to dealing with discipline and doesn’t try to micromanage the staff. He’s not perfect (e.g. he still requires me to wear a tie), but after reading all of the comments about other principals, he does an outstanding job. That said, I would very much enjoy to see him more at school, not off at DISD-mandated principals’ meetings.
Now, I don’t know the exact number he has gone to meetings across Dallas, but it’s often more than once a week, and usually half a day or longer. He tries to make it every morning, give the announcements, meet with parents, etc., but then he’s off in a flash to learn about some new initiative, see how our OHI scores are faring, or TAKS test security guidelines. And when we hit the AYP list the first time, he was gone almost twice as much. I’ve yet to see the man take a day off and I wonder how he maintains his sanity sitting in meetings all the time.