Some HOPE Scholarship recipients need remedial help in college

Jennifer Burk:

Despite earning B averages in high school, at least one in 10 HOPE Scholarship recipients receives some type of remedial help during the first year of college.
Put simply, some college freshmen who seemed to excel in high school still need help in basic math and English.
Twelve percent of college freshmen who have the HOPE Scholarship, awarded to Georgia students who graduate from high school with at least a B average, received learning support in fall 2006, according to the University System of Georgia.
The reasons why run the gamut, with blame placed at the state level all the way down to the student.
“It’s hard for me to say the causes of that,” said Dana Tofig, a spokesman for the Georgia Department of Education.
But part of the reason for the state’s continuing overhaul of the public schools’ kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum is to get students out of remediation and make them more prepared for college work, he said.
“The curriculum“>curriculum before was way too broad and way too vague,” Tofig said.