Waukesha County School Patrols Discussed

Scott Williams:

Some county supervisors are trying to cut the Sheriff’s Department budget next year in hopes of forcing the department to demand more funding from the schools.
Sheriff’s officials contend the school assignments are routine patrol decisions that should be left to law enforcement.
But critics of the program say the schools are getting special treatment and county taxpayers should not have to pay for it.
“There’s something wrong here,” said Supervisor Rodell Singert of Vernon, who is proposing a $200,000 cut in the sheriff’s budget next year.
Some supervisors say they are willing to see no sheriff’s deputies inside Arrowhead High School and others, if the school districts are unwilling to pay the bill.
Singert said having deputies patrol school grounds is “a substitute” for having school administrators capable of maintaining order in the facilities.
“I’d rather put teachers in the classrooms for that kind of money,” he added.