Middleton Elementary School Lockdown?

The Daily Page Forum:

Hows this for Bureaucratic horse ____.
I got a call on Friday from my wife telling me that our daughters school, Sunset Ridge Elementary in Middleton, was on lock down. I asked her if she knew what was going on, but she said they couldn’t tell her, so I left work and picked up my daughter as quickly as possible.
When I got to the school the doors were locked, and I had to show an ID to get in. (I’m fine with that part) So I got my daughter, who’s 7 and has no clue why the school had to close, and I asked the after school teacher why the school was on lock down.
His reply was “I’m not really sure on the specifics”
I replied with ” OK, how about what’s going on minus the specifics”
Other teacher buds in “They’ll be sending a note home for it.”
so the weekend goes by, nothing posted on their website, or the school districts website. I take my daughter into school today instead of letting her take the bus as I wanted to find out what was going on.
So I drop my daughter off, and head to the office.