Men in elementary classrooms scarce

Susan Troller:

It takes a big man to teach small children.
At 6 feet 5 inches tall, Josh Reineking towers over his kindergarten students at Stephens Elementary School, but it’s actually his large heart and patient, steady manner that keep his lively charges learning, and in line.
It doesn’t hurt that he finds it easy to laugh, and thinks on his feet. Oh, and he also doesn’t mind folding up like a Swiss Army knife to fit in a kindergarten-size chair.
“My friends, my friends. Hands up for a message,” Reineking says quietly and firmly as his class of 5-year-olds begin squirming and shoving shortly before recess.
Fourteen pairs of arms shoot up, and hands are folded above little heads. The early symptoms of an imminent scuffle disappear as all eyes are on Mr. Reineking, waiting for instructions.