Jesse Jackson, Jr. On School Choice

Democrats for Education Reform:

But the times seem to have changed a bit. At Monday’s night’s DFER DC launch at the Hotel Washington, Jackson seemed to be embracing what I like to call the Anti-Crappy Schools Doctrine. Forget whether a school is a traditional public school, or a charter school, or private school – how do we make sure every kid in America is able to attend a GOOD school?
Nearly a decade after the Milwaukee rally, Jackson Jr. was talking about “alarming dropout rates” the dangers of a “monopoly” filled with failing schools, etc. He was suggesting that every American child be entitled to a good public education “or charter education or whatever kind of education we can to produce the kind of Americans that we’ll all be proud of in the future.”
With the Washington Monument to his left, Jackson Jr. was highlighting the fact that his own parents sought the best for him by sending him to the elite St. Albans Episcopal School in DC as a kid. He talked about “pushing the envelope to make the majority party in this country” approach education with a more open mind.
“We must explore options,” Jackson Jr. said. “Every option for every American child so that every child might have the high-quality education they deserve in their lifetime.”
“We need more competition in the system.”