“The first ingredient in education reform is to tell parents the truth.”

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools:

OK, so the Lieberman/Landrieu/Coleman bill is technically second out of the gate, but [this one] really gets the NCLB reauthorization debate started. Making its debut at a Senate-side shindig featuring Chancellors Klein (NY) and Rhee (DC), the Lieberman-led proposal lays done some important markers, to wit:

  • Lets schools move away from input-driven “Highly Qualified Teachers” rules and toward a new standard based on effectiveness in the classroom
  • Permits growth measures in Adequate Yearly Progress, and fund the technologies needed to move rapidly toward measuring student-level longitudinal gains
  • Morphs NAEP’s governing body into a new commission that would write voluntary standards – – and make states tell parents about the gap between their own state assessments and prevailing national norms

More sunshine is better. Props to Madison Magazine for taking a closer look at our local schools.