Idaho Evaluating Math Ed

Joshua Palmer:

In an effort to prepare students for the rigors of increasing math requirements, the Idaho State Department of Education is re-evaluating the way schools teach and assess student proficiency in mathematics.
The Idaho Legislature approved $350,000 in research funding earlier this year, which paid for the development of a task force to examine issues such as various assessment methods, teacher training and remedial opportunities for students who struggle in mathematics.
The department will ask lawmakers in the 2008 legislative session to approve funding for the changes it will likely propose in math education and assessment.
Cindy Johnstone, mathematics coordinator for the state department, said the changes are part of the state’s math initiative, which was implemented to improve student proficiency in mathematics.
In Idaho and throughout the nation, math scores are steadily falling in elementary and middle schools – a problem that has forced high schools to devote more resources to math remediation.

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